Yeee! :3 Ive been playing Devil Survivor 2 a lot the past like day or so, ahaha. xDD Ive been stuck in the middle of day two for over a year at least, and today I actually managed to beat one of the free battles! :D Im starting to raise my stats more evenly too, which should help a lot. uvu

I still have to play the first game- Im actually playing the sequel first, aha. //shot// I own the first game, but I dont think Im too far in it yet. 030 

Anyway, I know its only seven, but Dad needs to get some more work done, so I have to get off for tonight. qoq Ill be going back to Mums place tomorrow, so I might be able to tell you guys about the play then! owo Either way, Ill be on again tomorrow. ^^

Good night guys! ewe